Somalia Tenders

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NewProvision Of Vehicle Hire Services
Closes: 19th.Dec.2019 12pm
11 days to closing date
Posted: 6th.Dec.2019        
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Posted: 5th.Dec.2019        
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Posted: 4th.Dec.2019        
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Development Of Community-based Monitoring And Evaluation Package
Closes: 10th.Dec.2019 5pm
2 days to closing date
Posted: 29th.Nov.2019        
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Provision Of Material Testing Services
Closed: 3rd.Dec.2019 9am
Closed: 5 day(s) ago
Posted: 27th.Nov.2019        
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Procurement Of 4wd Refrigerated Trucks (19/366r)
Closes: 9th.Dec.2019 12pm
1 days to closing date
Posted: 26th.Nov.2019        
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Provision Of Internet Services
Closed: 27th.Nov.2019 9am
Closed: 11 day(s) ago
Posted: 22nd.Nov.2019        
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Provision Of Elecetronic Management System
Closes: 26th.Dec.2019 10am
18 days to closing date
1 Doc Available Posted: 21st.Nov.2019        
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Provision Of Concrete And Reinforced Concrete Works
Closed: 30th.Nov.2019 12am
Closed: 9 day(s) ago
1 Doc Available Posted: 20th.Nov.2019        
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Fitting Of Boat Accessories Onto 40 Units Of Som540 Fishing Canoes
Closed: 28th.Nov.2019 2pm
Closed: 10 day(s) ago
Posted: 20th.Nov.2019        
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