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  dentera enterprices
Company Details
Business Areas
Printing and Branding Services
ICT Hardware and Accessories
Non Pharmaeutical Products
Non medical supplies
Packaging Materials
Text books and Library books
Linen and Textiles
Lab Chemicals and Equipment
Mineral Water and Dispensers
Hardware and Workshop Supplies
Sports Wear and Equipment
Fire Fighting Equipment
Uniforms and Proctective Gear
Furniture and Office Equipment
Other General Supplies
Water Meters
Debt Collection services
Pest Contol and Fumigation
Other General Services
Cleaning and Sanitation
Security Services
Waste Management
Tree Seedlings
Hire of Heavy Engineering Equipment
Automation and BMS
Small Works
Steel and Metal works
Renovations and partitioning
Lift installations maintenance
Building Materials
Building Construction
Dams and Water Pans
Street Light Installations
Coal and Firewood
Scrap Items
Electronic Equipment
Tenders Unlimited Membership