Company Details
  Meso Capital Ltd.
Company Details
Business Areas
ICT security solutions
Software Solutions and Licenses
Cloud Services
H R and Payroll Systems
ERP Solutions
Billing and Payment system
Bulk SMS and Messaging Solutions
Other ICT services
Information Management Systems
Web and Mobile App Development
Non Pharmaeutical Products
Laboratory Supplies
Medical equipment
Timber and Timber Products
Sports Wear and Equipment
Water tanks Pipes and Fittings
Water Treatment Chemicals
Fire Fighting Equipment
Vehicle Spare parts
Uniforms and Proctective Gear
Other General Supplies
Water Meters
Prefabricated Structures
Automation and BMS
Small Works
Construction Equipment
Renovations and partitioning
Mechanical Engineering
Building Materials
Engineering tools and equipments
Electrical installation
Building Construction
Electricity Meters
Street Light Installations
Electrical Engineering
Energy Consultancy
Coal and Firewood
Pumps and Motors
Air Conditioning and Ventilation
Electrical Repair and Maintenance Svcs
Other Energy services
Solar power installations
Petrol Oil gas and lubricants
Electrical Materials
Power Generators and Backups
Tenders Unlimited Membership