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Company Details
  stemu white enterprise
Company Details
Business Areas
Engineering tools and equipments
Electrical installation
Building Construction
Electricity Meters
Electrical Engineering
Electrical Repair and Maintenance Svcs
Other Energy services
Electrical Materials
Agricultural Equipment
Meat and Poultry Products
Milk and Dairy Products
Dry Cereals
Fruits and Vegetables
Animal Feeds
Other Engineering services
Building Materials
Renovations and partitioning
Steel and Metal works
Manufacturing Equipment
Construction Equipment
Civil and Water Works
Small Works
Water Meters
Other General Supplies
Furniture and Office Equipment
Uniforms and Proctective Gear
Detergents and Cleaning materials
Tyres tubes and accessories
Newspapers and periodicals
Foodstuff and Beverages
Motor Vehicles and cycles
Vehicle Spare parts
Fire Fighting Equipment
Water Treatment Chemicals
Water tanks Pipes and Fittings
Sports Wear and Equipment
Hardware and Workshop Supplies
Timber and Timber Products
Mineral Water and Dispensers
Lab Chemicals and Equipment
Linen and Textiles
Text books and Library books
Laundry and Washing equipment
ICT Hardware and Accessories
CCTV and Access Control Systems
Telecommunication equipment
Tenders Unlimited Membership